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Double Hung Window

Industry Description:  A window unit that has two operable sashes which move vertically in the frame.

The Gill Window Company offers a wide variety of styles that will bring out the unique character of your home--custom-fitted to help you save on remodeling costs while adding value to your home.  Double Hung Windows can be made to almost any size opening, however, width should be no longer than 48" for smooth operation.

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Product Features: 

People change windows for many reasons.  But one of the most common is that the old windows are more trouble than they’re worth.  Too much scraping.  Too much painting.  Too hard to clean.  Too much time spent changing storms and screens.  And too many energy dollars flying literally “out the windows”

That’s why Gill double hung windows are the perfect choice to replace your old windows.  Their uPVC vinyl technology virtually eliminates maintenance, helping you save time and money.  The Gill window designs also provide energy benefits far superior to that of conventional vinyl windows, as well as wood and aluminum windows.  Gill double hung windows give you all these modern benefits with a traditional appearance that compliments your home.

Our uPVC Vinyl Double Hung Windows allow custom configurations, specialty shapes and window combinations at considerable savings.  They are ideal for replacement, remodeling and new construction applications where high-quality, value added windows are desired.

  • Longevity: High strength uPVC vinyl doesn’t warp or swell like conventional windows.

  • Efficiency: Double interlock design making for a tight fit when window is closed.

  • Added Security: Lock draws the sash tightly into the frame providing extra security as well as a highly
    energy-efficient seal.

  • Site-Replaceable Glazing: Should your little league slugger break a window, glass replacement is a snap-out/snap-in operation that takes as little as 10 minutes to replace!

  • Closes Tight: Eliminates “sash sag” by using a special glazing wedge to direct weight of glass to the
    hinged side of the sash.

  • Double Pane Glass: All Gill windows are constructed with 7/8" glazing and available in many different
    types of glass.

  • Quality Extend-Life uPVC: Your vinyl windows will retain its new look for years to come.

  • Fast, easy cleaning: Tilt-in sashes allow you to wash both sides of the window from inside your home.


Showroom Pics:

Come See Our Double Hung Windows  In Our Showroom!

Come See Our Double Hung Windows In Our Showroom!

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