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Unfortunately, when it comes to home repair, many companies and contractors are only out to scam you.  Since we started our business in 1988, we've heard countless sales gimmicks from customers.  Part of our commitment to our customers & public is to educate them about common and deceitful methods these companies use. 

Always Remember:  If it sounds good to be true, it probably is.  Be leery of the high pressure sales tactics these companies use.  The following information are the most common ways these businesses scam:

  1. Being pressured to "Buy Now": This one is the biggest and it can apply to any kind of contractor.  What they do is come up with an outrageous estimate, then give you a big discount if you buy their product/service right then and there.  Don't get sucked in to this!  Any reputable company WILL NOT pressure you into a same-day-sale.

  2. Light-Weight, Single-Slider or Single Hung Windows:  All good quality uPVC Vinyl windows are what it called "double-paned".  The window will come with two panes of glass, not one.  A Light-Weight window is one that has cheap light-weight vinyl.  Don't be scammed into buying these "light-weight" windows!

  3. Buying a window based on the grade of the glass: Some salesman will focus the sale on how good the quality of the glass is--specifically triple-pane & "Low E" glass with Argon (Low-E glass is filtration glass that block approximately 30% of harmful rays and is an industry standard--at least with reputable companies).  This tactic is used to divert your attention away from the fact that the rest of the window is "Light-Weight".  While this is an important part of the window, the frame is as well and should never be over-looked.

  4. Weather-Tight Stripping:  (This is a big one)  What some salesman try to do is sell you on how air does not penetrate the fixed part of the window.  What they don't tell you is that air will get through every other part, especially if it is a bad installation job.

  5. The interlock:  This is where the two sashes come together.  Be sure to take a good look to see how well it is made.  This is another way air will penetrate if not constructed correctly.

  6. How will your windows be installed?  Less reputable companies will just slide the window into the opening, run a bead of caulking and they're done.  For whoever is installing your windows, make sure the windows are insulated, trimmed and sealed inside and out!

  7. Life-Time Warranty:  Read the contract very carefully!  For example, a company may guarantee a life-long thermal pane, and they will give you the free glass if it ever needs replacing.  But what they don't tell you is that they will charge you $200 for coming back and installing the new pane. 

  8. Company History: Check out how long a company has been in business.  Also see if they are a member of the local Chamber of Commerce or other affiliations.

These strategies are pretty sleazy, huh?  We spend a lot of time cleaning up after these guys, So now that you are an informed consumer, try to watch out for these dishonest companies that do nothing more than steal your hard earned money.

We encourage people to take a look at our windows as well as our competitors to see the differences. :-)

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